Want more jobs and clients? Broadcast your expertise.

Instantly get in front of hiring companies looking for tech talent like you. Fill your pipeline with enjoyable and lucrative projects - all automated.

Finding clients and jobs is hard.

I get it. You have to do twice the work - your normal job, and getting in front of people all the time. Applying for any kind of jobs is tedious work, too. You need to be faster, and you need to present yourself better than everybody else.

uberpact will do that for you.

Want a full pipeline of clients waiting to work with you? Dreaming of your next pay raise?

Your tech career without uberpact

  • You reach out a lot offering your services
  • You are constantly applying to jobs
  • You are spending hours for client acquisition every day
  • Your clients / jobs pipeline is empty
  • You wonder if the next layoff wave will hit you
  • Slow and uncertain pay raise

Your tech career + uberpact

  • Clients and employers reach out to you
  • Businesses ask you to work for them
  • You have freed up time to enjoy life
  • Your inbox is overflowing with inquiries
  • You can accept a pending job offer at any time
  • Leverage to increase rates because you're in demand

Your jobsearch on autopilot

We scan job postings and proactively approach hiring companies with recommendations, showcasing the most relevant three engineers and premier agency tailored to their specific requirements. This automated procedure guarantees consistent engagement. Check the list below for upcoming contact batches. If you want to be suggested to a position, sign up now.

Upcoming emails to companies
PositionCompensationJob listing postedContacted at
Senior Fullstack Engineer$70k - $110k3 months ago3 months ago
Brand Designer Web Experience$70k - $100k3 months ago3 months ago
Python Software Engineer$60k - $100k3 months ago3 months ago
Infrastructure Engineer$70k - $115k3 months ago3 months ago
Product Designer$75k - $110k3 months ago3 months ago
Web3 Account Executive$68k - $110k3 months ago3 months ago
Sales Engineer$60k - $110k3 months ago3 months ago
Salesforce Developer$50k - $90k3 months agoInsufficient criteria match
Software Development Engineer Test$55k - $108k3 months agoInsufficient criteria match
Senior Support Engineer On Prem$53k - $95k3 months agoInsufficient criteria match
Junior Product Manager$60k - $88k3 months agoTo be scheduled
Events Manager$75k - $110k3 months agoTo be scheduled
Senior Product Owner$70k - $110k3 months agoTo be scheduled
Proving Systems Security Engineer$108k - $160k3 months agoTo be scheduled
Senior Backend Engineer$75k - $120k3 months agoTo be scheduled
Fully Software Engineer$65k - $110k3 months agoTo be scheduled
Senior Manager Content Marketing$65k - $105k3 months agoTo be scheduled
Staff Software Engineer Data Migrations$60k - $100k3 months agoTo be scheduled
Senior Strategic Account Manager$55k - $100k3 months agoTo be scheduled
Animation Lead$65k - $105k3 months agoTo be scheduled

Present yourself

Showcase your professional expertise in a clear, concise, and engaging way. Answer the questions that matter to recruiters and businesses.

Understand prospects

Maximize your professional potential by analyzing traffic and inquiries on your profile. Find out what businesses need most.

Invest into massive exposure. Help clients finding you.

Pay once, benefit forever.

Individual profile

For solo individuals looking for short- or long-term work in the software industry.
plus VAT, total price may vary depending on your location

51% off for the first 25 customers (13 left)

12 engineers receive client inquiries in their inboxes
  • Ultra SEO-optimized user profile
  • Expose yourself to potential clients
  • We endorse your profile regularly to companies looking for someone like you
  • Get genuine inquiries directly in your mailbox
  • No platform fees when a client decides to hire you
  • Daily analytics how many people viewed your profile + conversion rate
  • 50% of monthly total revenue goes into advertising to recruiters, which means even more exposure for you

Agency profile

For agencies looking to find clients and gain exposure in the software market.
plus VAT, total price may vary depending on your location

50% off for the first 15 customers (13 left)

2 agencies receive client inquiries in their inboxes
  • Ultra SEO-optimized agency profile
  • Expose your agency to potential clients
  • We endorse your agency regularly to businesses who need services like yours
  • Get genuine inquiries directly in your mailbox
  • No platform fees when a client decides to hire you
  • Daily analytics how many people viewed your profile + conversion rate
  • 50% of monthly total revenue goes into advertising to businesses, which means even more exposure for you
  • Dofollow-link to your homepage from your profile


I don't see any reviews. Has anyone been hired through uberpact, yet?

I haven't even officially launched uberpact, so it's too new to have any kind of social proof yet (since I don't want to bullshit you by faking reviews). If you like the concept and pay a little trust forward, maybe you will be the first success story?

💸 Is there a money-back guarantee if I don't get hired?

The success of every individual or agency depends on how reasonable their service rate is, and how comprehensively they fill their profile. These factors are outside of my control.

That being said, the system is 100% operational and I'm improving it relentlessly. The talent pool grows slowly, the matching algorithm gets better, emails are going out and people who are looking to hire are clicking them. It seems inevitable that eventually someone will be hired through uberpact.

What you get is not a guarantee, but a reasonably high, realistic chance that you will receive high-quality job offers frequently. All that for the price of a pizza (or 2-3 coffees). The return value for software engineers is usually a minimum $6k+/month job. In fact, the day someone gets hired and I get a review, I will 10x the price tag.

🧑‍💻 Why are you charging freelancers instead of hiring businesses?

I feel like this approach can benefit talent and business more than the status quo of job boards or recruiters. Let me explain.

Traditional hiring approaches bring a few disadvantages to all parties. For example:

  • Job boards: The businesses get flooded with applications, and it's difficult to find the best talent among them. In the end, that's why you usually don't get any feedback when you are rejects: Because the business just doesn't have the capacity to give individual justification (and often you just get filtered out because you have or don't have a certain keyword in your application)
  • Recruitment agencies / talent networks: This works relatively well for finding the right people, but the fee is just too high. Often, businesses need to pay up to 25% of your salary on top to the recruiter / talent network. And that's usually not a one-time fee, but an ongoing charge. That's not only bad for the hiring business, but also for you: If the business has a certain budget for a role, that means they will have to pay you less to pay the recruitment agency their share.

The alternative is to come from the other direction: Instead of charging the business, maximize the visibility of the talent side. That includes promoting every talent to as many businesses as possible (free for the businesses).

Unfortunately, it seems like the paywalling works mutually exclusive. If I take the route to hide names and contact methods in exchange a payment from the business, I am doing you as a talent a disservice by hiding you by default.

By charging the talent side, I can broadcast them freely and prevent hurtful hiring fees to both sides.

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